Redwood Tree Services

What we do

We’re experts in tree pruning, tree felling, crown reduction and a range of other services. Our team is based in Cheadle and we’re here to improve your garden, no matter what you’re looking for.  The service we offer are available on most trees. For a quality service, contact Redwood Tree Services today. 


Tree Felling and StumpRemoval

We generally remove trees for a number of reasons. If they’re dead, dying, or structurally weak, or too large, then tree felling or stump removal may be the best course of action. Our tree surgeons use safety equipment such as ropes and harnesses to ensure that trees fall safely, away from buildings or people.

Site Clearance

This is where we remove all tree shrubs and low-level vegetation. This can include extensive bush and tree pruning, stump removal, and more. Site clearance is commonly required to prepare for construction work, such as building an extension, or clearing a building site.

Tree Pruning

For this service we remove branches from the tree to improve functionality and appearance. You may wish to improve the way a tree grows, create more space in your garden, or increase the amount of light that can come through the branches.

Formative Tree Pruning

This is normally undertaken on young trees. It helps to improve shape, structure, and health of these trees, allowing them to grow better. The way we do this will vary depending on the species of the tree. If you are growing a fruit tree, pruning it early on will help it produce better quality fruit and more of it.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is normally undertaken to reduce the overall height and spread of a tree. Our team do this by cutting branches shorter, making sure they are even. During this process, any dead wood is removed, to prevent disease spreading in the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is great if you want to increase the amount of light that can come through a tree. We do this by removing specific inner branches, without compromising the natural shape of the tree. This is commonly required for urban areas, such as residential streets across Gatley and Cheadle.

Tree Planting

Tree planting services are normally needed for a number of reasons. You may require shade, or just want it for cosmetic reasons, or for personal meaning. If you have a tree removed from your property, it is always a good idea to consider planting a tree to replace it.

Crown Lifting

If you want to clear a canopy underneath a tree, crown lifting works by removing the lower branches of the tree. This increases the space between the ground and the tree’s lower branches, creating more space for light to filter through. Plus, crown lifting allows people to stand or walk underneath the tree.


Pollarding is a more extreme form of tree pruning normally undertaken when you wish to retain the structure while removing the branches. This process of tree pruning may be detrimental to the health of certain tree species, so it’s worth consulting with our experts beforehand.

Deadwood Removal

This is typically undertaken to remove dead or dying wood from the crown of the tree. Keeping trees free from dead wood can prevent pest infestations, diseases, and other problems, extending the life of a tree.